• We are pleased to announce that from January 1 st 2017 our Madeira Branch has new premises at:

    Rua do Pina, 1D
    Edif. Madeira Cristal
    Loja B/C
    9050-067 FUNCHAL

    Keeping unchanged all other contacts. (see more…)

    With the move to these facilities, which will provide us with better working, logistics and host conditions to all who give us the pleasure of their visit, we started a new cycle which strength and reaffirm our commitment to loyalty, support and monitoring of our Customers and Partners in Madeira.
    To all those who have accompanied us on this adventure with 30 years, our THANK YOU and the commitment to a continuous process of updating, improvement and innovation, responding to the increasingly demanding needs of the market and improving of the quality of service.

  • Tecnicontrol advocates for Corporate Social Responsibility with the surrounding community. But in addition to defending the idea, we support it! We were present at the 16th happening on the past 21rd Golf Tournament promoted by the Lions Club Lagoa, last month, August 2016.

    The support for the needy, in various aspects, is the reason of the existence of the generic international lionism. The sense of solidarity of the members of the Lions Club in Lagoa determines the continuity of scholarships for university students with economic difficulties, as well as the support with food between other needy families in the municipality of Lagoa and others who need our help.

  • We are pride ourselves in having crossed the Atlantic and found in this fascinating archipelago and in the city of Funchal the ideal conditions for a TECNICONTROL Branch!

    This region, which owns modern access and excellent infrastructure and services and has having increasingly streamlined its business structure and its economy, welcomes us now and see our Innovative Solutions added to the existing offer.

    We arrived at Madeira providing specialized technical consultancy services, marketing, installation and ongoing technical assistance to Communications, Security, Energy, Sound, TV and Home Automation Solutions.

    Either to the residential market or to the business market, we have a solution and an undeniable relationship Value / Quality. We strive for technical excellence, evident in the skills of our team and the partnerships we have.

    Full of satisfaction with our presence in Madeira, we intend to contribute to the growing diversification of activity in this region and thus for its growing economic and social development.

    "We have reached to Madeira", and we came to stay!

  • We again support the "junior" Golf, by sponsoring another tournament, happening all over the Algarve in various existing golf courses owned by the Hotel Units of this customer of ours, the Pestana Group.

    This group, which has been developing for over 40 years its main activity in the tourism sector, has a diversified presence in several areas: hotel, golf, tourist real estate, timeshare, travel agency and tour operators, casino and charter aircraft.

    National leader in Tourism and Leisure, the Group has 51 hotels and 36 Inn´s spread across 15 countries on 3 continents.
    "This course was built on the strict principles of sustainability, creating value and preserving the present resources for future generations," these are beliefs of our client, and are based on shared values.
    In this regard, we continue to support these initiatives, in order to contribute to the dissemination of healthy practices among the younger people of our region.

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