It is undeniable and unavoidable the presence of any type of communication technology in nowadays lives of individuals or companies.

Today, everyone has a mobile phone, homes and businesses have landline phones connected to telephone exchanges (simple or complex), an IP access site (or more) , mobile GPS, structured and integrated networks that support all communication facilities, without which a company can hardly already labor.

Equipment and applications that allow the connection through a transmission channel between two or more players and enable the sending / receiving of information, according to a set of predefined rules with knowledge of those involved, these are considered communications equipment.

And the cabled or wireless networks to provide the means of transmission of this information are communications networks.

Our extensive experience in the market of Solutions of Communications puts us in the position of SPECIALISTS in integrated technological convergence solutions in this type of solution.

”Technological convergence materializes in the hands of consumers, and is the result of the evolution of the media in ever more engaging platforms, interactive and complete." (Jenkins, 2013)


Communications are now essential to the modern society we live in, including the devices and the networks that support them. They are the basis upon which the majority of businesses, from those specifically dedicated to information, to financial, goods and services distribution, telecommunications, radio, TV, and others, and is also where social networks are based on.


Distances - time almost vanish and simultaneously cost - distances are becoming smaller. The media are increasingly diverse, allowing quick access to information, knowledge and entertainment, providing: relevant and timely information for decision - making, keeping in touch with family and friends, or simple entertainment.

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Communication networks
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