Qualifications, Certificates and Registrations

We count at this time with an array of certifications and formal recognitions of qualifications and skills, with which our partners have distinguished us over the years.
Naturally, we added these to those whose legal nature was imposed (appropriate licensing), and still others which voluntarily we embraced for more than a decade (ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification), and that, by the will of a team who proudly “wears the company jersey” and sustainably improves a little every day.

Because we are in the market and because we have results.
The motto is simple: after all, we are just a group of people with different skills, but with the same focus: we believe that “The more we give of ourselves, the more we receive from the universe.” So this is how we relate to all our Partners, Suppliers, Customers, Our Team, The Community.

Licenses and Registrations

IMPIC – License nº 53487


EIC – Certif. E-3831


ITED – Certif. Tech.



ITUR – Certif. Tech.



ANPC – Register nº 498


DNPSP Reg. nº 392



Gold Certified Partner

   Authorised Tech      



 Centre for Portugal




  Certified installer



General Cable
   Certified installer
Brand Rex
  Certified installer

  Certified installer



  Certified installer