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Tecnicontrol was once again distinguished by IAPMEI as PME LEADER, recognizing the good performance of its management practices.

As a public acknowledgment of the success of our business strategy, it’s also the recognition of the effort and dedication of a team that daily seeks the satisfaction of the clients’ expectations, thus contributing to the good performance of the company.

It’s also the recognition of the performance of our suppliers that, in addition to quality products, provide us with training, knowledge and technical support.

And it’s also the recognition of the trust that clients deposit on us, continuing requesting us advice, services, products and solutions.

A big thank you to all!

The maturity and experience acquired over more then three decades of activity in consulting, installation and technical assistance for communications solutions, security and electronics, have led us to understand the need to adapt ourselves to a market in constant mutation, keeping us however always faithful to the principles of our foundation, reiterating our position in the market, underscoring the recognized strength, quality and accuracy, but with greater proximity to the customer as a result of the commercial and communication policy adopted by the company.

We keep the Identity and Values that govern us forever: accuracy, honesty, professionalism, quality, innovation and trust; to the customer, partners and our team. We remain true to ourselves.

We really want to give you the technology you need to YOUR Wellness Solution and an EFFECTIVE INNOVATION, assuming the commitment that, all together, we will do to you always a little more. At your measure. According to your needs, no more and no less.

After more then three decades, we assume us today even more energetic and updated, continuing to evolve and increasingly at a distance of just one click.

Follow us to find the products and solutions that are available either on the website or in social networks, where we share solutions, information and facts about the fascinating world of the latest technologies available to our business areas.

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